In a field as specialized as Parts Inventory Control, there is no substitute for expertise.

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Our company, which is made up of full-time personnel having years of parts experience, offers you a variety of services. Most popular is our Certified Physical Parts Inventory, which acts as the “Springboard” to other services dealers find they need from us.

Before anyone counts a single part, Straub’s Inventory Control ensures that your Parts, Service and Accounting departments are linked effectively for sound inventory results. Control of Payables, Packing Slips, R/O’s, Counter Slips, and Claims are all synchronized with an Inventory cut-off for maximum accuracy. During the actual inventory, we tag each part with our unique Inventory Control Dot, which insures accuracy. Computerized input of count data including bin location updates is performed by professionals who have worked with computer systems the same as yours. Numbers themselves, however, are useless unless you understand them. That’s why a formal review with you and your department managers is standard procedure with Straub’s Inventory Control, Inc.

We will also offer recommendations of how to improve your business’ inventory control systems. You will know exactly where your inventory stands today, and how to control it tomorrow. Certified Physical Parts Inventories – Complete with formal review and recommendations for improvement. You may be only fooling yourself if you are conducting In-House parts inventories with your own personnel. It’s a proven fact that this often leaves the door wide open!

Buy/Sell Parts Inventories – Including recommendations on how to write that portion of the Sales Agreement FOR THE PROTECTION OF BOTH PARTIES.

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