Yes – we’ve all heard or said at one time or another that...
Parts are the same as dollar bills sitting on shelves”!

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This simple fact is why our customers depend heavily on our specialized company as an independent to help steer them in the right direction through the use of the many services we offer.

We tailor our services to meet your specific needs.

When you talk with us, you will find Straub’s Inventory Control, Inc. responsive . . . flexible enough to give you just what you want to support your Parts operation. As a leader in this unique service field, we offer a complete range of separate inventory related services to assist you. Our service fees are competitive, our quality is second to none, as proven by our sizeable base of repeat customers.

We service from the small single point dealership to the large multi-franchised dealerships. It has been our philosophy, which has yielded great success, that “All customers, regardless of size, who need our help are equally important”!

Make a phone call to our customers.

Word of mouth continues to be our best advertisement. Straub’s Inventory Control, Inc. has achieved its reputation through professional integrity and skill, so we encourage requests for references. In addition to many independent vehicle dealers, such customers as Ford Motor Credit, GMAC, Chrysler Corp. and numerous Accounting firms have contracted our services. We look forward to serving you!

We are Associate Members of:

Pennsylvania Automotive Association
Delaware Automobile and Truck Dealer's Association
New Jersey Coalition of Automotive Retailers

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